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fleur de coton
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Cosmetic Pads

100% Organic Cotton
gentle pads

A gentle daily gesture

Concerned about everyone’s dermatological health, we have created cotton discs that gently remove all traces of makeup without attacking the skin and guaranteeing optimal comfort when used.

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100% certified organic cotton

We ensure total transparency
and take special care in our make-up removing discs which are made from
100% natural fibers. Their raw material is certified GMO free and cultivated without any synthetic chemical pesticides, Olala Cotton is certified organic and has the ECOCERT / GOTS label.

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made in france

100% Made in France

Proudly made in France, “Olala Cotton” brings a touch of softness to your daily life and is a perfect answer to those who no longer want to choose between practicality, quality and ethical choice.

Made in France

olala cotton

An environmentally friendly choice

Using organic cotton is not only gentle on the skin, but it is also gentle on the planet. Our cotton is cultivated using traditional methods and then harvested by hand. The ordinary cotton represents 25% of all insecticides used in the world ! Organic cotton helps create a safer environment for both farmers and the entire ecosystem.

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